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Keeping in alignment with the energy of the year is a great way to achieve success. The Monkey is clever, smart, and unpredictable – no one knows what the Monkey might do! We’ll all need to stay on our toes in order to keep up with this wild and wonderful character. A sharp, mentally active, and perceptive mind will help us to do just that. Below, we’ll share our 9 favorite mental maintenance tips - sure to aid you in the Monkey Year. 



Monkey See, Monkey Do - 9 Tips to Maintain Mental Acuity


By Marina Lighthouse & Kristin Clark



1.         Exercise regularly


We know you’ve heard this before but being physically active and staying fit really does help the brain to remain healthy and perform better. Movement clears away the cobwebs of the brain by delivering oxygen. Recent science indicates that it may even help increase the frontal gray matter involved in higher thinking and creativity. So develop a daily routine, and dedicate at least a half an hour to exercise. Take a brisk walk, dance, or swing from the monkey bars!


2.         Maintain a healthy diet


Eating healthily has many beneficial effects on your body, and one of them is to make sure that your brain stays sharp and healthy. Consider cutting back on fast food and dining out. Instead, eat homemade or unprocessed food as much as possible.  Monkeys love bananas, but also fruits of every kind, plus veggies, nuts and seeds.  If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Go ahead – eat like a monkey!


3.         Prevention


Monkeys can suffer from weight-related health challenges just as humans can. Learning about various health issues could actually help you avoid adverse conditions. Diseases that can lead to brain stress and breakdown such as hypertension and diabetes are usually preventable if precautions are taken. Keep sharp by learning what leads to such diseases, and adjust your lifestyle accordingly.


4.         Don’t compromise sleep


Working long hard hours often results in the sacrifice of sleep. Did you know that the owl monkey gets 17 hours of shut-eye a night, while the gorilla gets 13, and the chimpanzee averages 9.7? Obviously human primates don’t need quite that much – but in order to maintain a nimble brain, it is advisable to get at least 7 hours of quality sleep every night. Studies show that sleep improves the brain’s performance by a noticeable margin.


5.         Manage your stress


Relaxation and meditation are the keys to having a sharp and healthy brain. Stress is your biggest enemy. Recent research suggests that long-term stress can actually physically change the structure of the brain and decrease its plasticity. Learning natural ways to manage stress will allow for a healthier and much more active brain. Remember how calm and smart Rafiki was in The Lion King? Make that monkey your model!


6.         Keep challenging your brain


Mental exercises are important to retain acuity. Challenge your brain by studying new subjects and attaining new skills. You don’t have to spend money on a computerized brain-fitness program; you can take yourself to the library and read up on whatever it is you’d like to know more about. Do crossword puzzles. Learn to juggle. Take up the accordion or any other instrument you’ve always wanted to play. We haven’t seen an organ grinder in years, but we hear monkeys sure do love them.


7.         Socialize often


Research shows that socializing and being in the company of people you love will reduce cortisol levels in your brain. Cortisol is a destructive stress related hormone and reducing it helps you to stay happy and healthy. This is where the right kind of monkeying around with your friends can come in handy!


8.         Focus on happy emotions


Giving more room for happy emotions in your life will result in a healthier and sharper mind. Individuals with positive emotions are more likely to repel brain disease and maintain wellness. Don’t give in to depressing thoughts and keep your mood light for a healthier brain and a better life. Science says that monkeys laugh with delight the same way humans do, and it is said that Koko the gorilla even signs jokes of her own. When it comes to light hearts and laughter, let’s ape our primate cousins!

9.         Other 

It is said that Buddha himself used a transcendental cure to contain the Monkey King when he proved too rambunctious (by sealing him in a mountain using a paper talisman upon which were written Om Mani Padme Hum in gold letters) – and Kuan Yin used another to help the Monkey King with self-control when he attained his freedom, by giving him a golden crown which tightened when he misbehaved. It probably only took a couple of instances for Monkey King to come to his senses. Check out transcendental Feng Shui Adjustments and Cures for human brain support!


Wishing you Good Health and Feng Shui in 2016!


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