+ Convex - 3 3/4 inch
+ Bagua Decal Sticker
+ Feng Shui Tune Up
+ 12 Zodiac Business Charm - Large (Wall size)
+ Feng Shui Flute
+ Five Element Bracelet
+ Red Cord Bracelet
+ Strung Swarovski Crystal 50mm
+ Dancing Water Bowl - Large
+ Feng Shui Small Wind Chime

Featured Products

Feng Shui Tune Up
Foo - Good Fortune Night Light
NEW! Travelers Protection Bracelet
Kuan Yin on Auspicous Carp

Exquisite Feng Shui products!

Find the finest quality products that will guide you to authentic Feng Shui cures and bring harmony into your environment.

I have experienced, utilized, and applied every product on this Web site to my own life and clients. There is nothing in this store that hasn't somehow passed through my personal and professional life.

My name is Marina Lighthouse from Lighthouse Feng Shui LLC and I am a certified Feng Shui practitioner of the Modern School of Feng Shui. My intention is to support you by helping to create good Feng Shui in your personal and professional life.



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