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Dear FSS Customers,

Important Announcement!!!

Please note that our associate artisan Meng Lei will be away visiting Taipei April 6th – through May 5th. We have stocked up on certain items.

Custom charms and bracelets she creates will need to wait until after her return as we cannot guarantee they are in stock. 

You can send us an email inquiring about items before placing your order at info@fengshuishopper.com.

We hope this is not too
much of an inconvenience. 


Wishing you good Feng Shui!


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I have experienced, utilized, and applied every product on this website to my own life and clients. There is nothing in this store that hasn't somehow passed through my personal and professional life.


My name is Marina Lighthouse from Lighthouse Feng Shui LLC and I am a certified Feng Shui practitioner of the Modern School of Feng Shui. My intention is to support you by helping to create good Feng Shui in your personal and professional life.


May everything go as you wish!




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Hi there! Welcome to 2017, the Year of the Fire Rooster! January 28 is Lunar New Year's Day and marks the official beginning of the Rooster Year. For an introduction to the year and what you can expect, see our video below. You will find here some insight into the personality of the Rooster and how he might influence your year! We had a lot of fun making the video and hope you enjoy it!