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2017 Lucky Jade Dynamic Dragon Money Charm


An intricately carved Ice Jade Dragon is featured on this powerful charm. The charm is smartly finished with jade leaves symbolic of growth in business and career.


In the folkloric tradition the larger the Dragon Charm is the more powerful its effect will be. Much of that power was thought to come through the essence of jade, as it is considered the stone of heaven.


This Dragon is featured with a Ru Yi in his talons, representing your wishes will be granted. Above him is a jade money coin and money ingot representative of attracting wealth and a good income, and the additional money coin sitting on his back intensifies its influence as a second wealth attractor for prosperity.


Carrying a Dynamic Dragon Charm in the Year of the Rooster will help to manifest success in your struggles against difficulties and the overcoming of obstacles. Dragons represent helpful people and protection when traveling. They also symoblize power, giving you more strength in your chi. 


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