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Year of the Rooster 2017


Year of the Fire Rooster

January 28, 2017 - February 15, 2018


Overview for the Year of the Fire Rooster


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The Year of the Fire Rooster begins on January 28 but officially kicks in on February 3, 2017 at 11:35 PM. The overall conflict between people will decrease as the Rooster enjoys group activities and gatherings; the aggressive action will not be there as it was with the pugnacious Monkey. Because the voice of a Rooster is very strong, and Roosters are not afraid to express their opinions, some conflict may still arise. However, it will be nowhere near as intense and suprising as that of the Year of the Monkey.


Economically, the rooster year will be more lucrative than the past two or three years. After the new year begins in 2017 there will be a Double Wealth Star. Not only is the wealth star strong for regular finances but also for gambling and speculation or any side income, so be vigilant for opportunities, especially in business. During the second half of the Year of the Monkey an increase in financial favor and more stability was observed. With the beginning of the rooster year this same energy will carry on and continue to grow and improve. This then creates additional occasions and liberty for people to speculate, providing also more chances to improve one’s finances.


The Peach Blossom Star sits in the center, indicating that we can expect more scandals regarding relationships in politics and entertainment this year. There will be increased activity in promiscuity so that brand of gossip or tabloids will be running over. Because the Peach Blossom Star is in the water element this year, we are susceptible to water pollution disasters. It may be a good year to keep extra gallons of water around in preparation for this breed of disaster.


The Dispute Star is sitting in the West of Sector Three this year. As Americais considered in the West, we will face an influx in disputes, arguments, racial tension, terrorist attacks and lawsuits.


The Disaster Star is sitting in the South. In Australia and Indonesian countries, because they are considered to be in the Southern sector of the world, the fire element will have a strong influence. These areas are prone to more fire and energy related disasters and explosions this year.


In Sector Two, the Sun Star is sitting in the Northwest. Take extra precautions for protection against health issues. People in father figure roles, such as leaders, CEOs, fathers, etc., are especially vulnerable. Eldest sons and daughters are also extra susceptible.


Overall, this year is very good for investing, especially in the beginning of the year. The market will be profitable during the spring but be weary of March 5 to April 3 in the Western calendar. During that time the opportunities are not stable, so people who lack superior competence with investing should not speculate at that time.


In the middle of the year, summer, when the fire element is engaged will be a good time to speculate that one’s power will be strong. However, be aware of June 5 through July 6 and July 7 through August 6 as though there will be many opportunities, the market will be fluctuating heavily.


Starting in August the metal element will weaken, meaning the whole financial trend will be unstable globally. At the end of the year there will be some big changes, so regular investment trends will be difficult to follow, inciting risks of losing money. Avoid large lump sum investing.


Overall the Rooster Year will bring more opportunities in finance. 


The Dragon is the most compatible sign to the Rooster. HH Grandmaster Lin Yun Rinpoche always taught us "When the Golden Rooster meets the Dragon, they become rulers of kings."
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