Flutes & Flags

Bamboo flutes have many beneficial qualities and are considered one of the best Feng Shui cures available. They symbolize strength, flexibility, safety, and protection. They bring peace and harmony into an environment. Each section of the bamboo is longer than the preceding section representing good fortune and advancement. Bamboo shoots up from the ground powerfully, symbolizing new growth, good fortune, and wealth. Dressed in ribbon and tassels, they are like decorated soldiers on guard, offering you protection.

They can uplift Chi and bring blessings to your life. Feng Shui flutes are used in many transcendental cures for business, career, fame, relationships and health. They are the single most often used remedy to offset problems with oppressive beams.
One of the best outdoor remedies are our unique Six True Word Flags.
Flags are used as a way to bring blessings to the land. They are a gorgeous addition to any yard or garden, bringing a very fun and whimsical feel to the area. The colors of these prayer flags offer the special BTB Six True Word representation of the mantra "Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum." As the wind passes through them they carry this intention out into the world.
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Feng Shui Flute

Price $88.00

Six True Word Flags

Price $96.00