Fountains & Statuary

One of the most popular and effective Feng Shui cures is the use of water fountains. Whether the fountain is large or small they have a powerful impact when placed properly. The sound and motion of water activates "Chi," or energy. Fountains and other water features bring in money, peacefulness, movement and harmony. Inside the office, they create movement in an otherwise stagnant situation. The sound of the dancing waters has a cooling effect on a home, especially during the heat of the summer.


Statuary adds weight and stability or can focus the energy in a space. Depending on the mass of the statue, it can also just be a fun symbolic representation introduced into a room.  For example, the small Laughing Hotei Buddha are symbolic of prosperity and uplift your spirits, and a statue of Kuan Yin can add tranquility and serenity to a room. While Dragons are a symbol of power, protection and success, a statue provides the perfect opportunity to showcase your creativity! 


Every figure has a voice and a personality of its own within the overall space. It's another of the many ways you can easily adjust your own Feng Shui.

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