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 Rooster Year Dog Month




Year of the Fire Rooster | Month of the Dog


We are now entering a new lunar cycle - the month of the Dog. The animal that governs this year is the Rooster. The Dog is dynamic and the Rooster is a perfectionist; both approach finances from a completely opposite perspective and this can lead to trouble. To keep the peace, they must compromise. Mutual trust is the key; only with trust can they work through difficulties.


The Rooster and Dog have a confrontational relationship, meaning the month ahead may be unstable.  This is also a Tai Sway year for both Rooster and Dog. The best attitude to take during this alignment is to be pro-active, kind, and considerate. Also, be mindful of your personal and professional relationships, and lie low to avoid conflict with friends and colleagues.


Think globally, act locally. What you do has an impact on the world. Think about attracting Helpful People; call them in for personal assistance and for humanity in general. Be a “Helpful Person” yourself. Carry with you a positive attitude, a smile, an upright posture, and be prepared to jump in and help when needed.


Pay attention to your relationships and hopefully this month they will go smoothly.


Monthly Quote: Life is an opportunity – try to benefit from it. Life is beauty – why not admire it? Life is a dream – realize it .~ Anonymous


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Dog Month in The Year the Rooster


Rat – It is time to set your highest priorities and devote your attention to them. Coordinate your schedule even if it means changing your routine; this is a wonderful period to work on projects near and dear to your heart. Once you’ve set your priorities, plan the necessary smaller steps to get there. You will take delight in the time and energy you spend on these endeavors. If you feel you are being diverted from your goal, assert yourself and say no to distractions. Let your inner self know that you truly are taking care of number one.


Ox – Through strength and courage you are able to align with your essence, bringing light into the darkness of the world. It is highly recommended that you retreat into nature, taking a moment or two to breathe in fresh air. Enjoy a refreshing break from stressful conditions; nature has a healing effect on you and can revive your energy and whole outlook on life. Think of it as an investment that will yield huge benefits. Commune with animals and trees, and also work with pure flower essences. You’ll receive a natural high.


Tiger – Carry the word ‘joy’ in your pocket and refer to it often. Practice feeling joyful by smiling at yourself in the mirror. This will help to release burdens you have been troubled with. You are supported in making life changes, and will continue to improve things for yourself and others. Release fears and restrictive thinking and be open to the miracle of healing. The Dog is the Tiger’s friend so you can safely and successfully cleanse your heart and be whole once more.


Rabbit – Continue to believe in yourself as you seek success throughout the events emerging in your life. Your internal landscape is shifting, and through introspection you will appreciate that nature is teaching you the value of life as a spiritual progression. Remain mindful of your place and how you can interconnect with all energy. You will experience rejuvenation when you are making choices that more consistently reflect a reverence for yourself and all other life.


Dragon – It’s time to let go! Have no agenda and carry no baggage. Let your childlike innocence meet and greet everyone. Be a nonconformist; express yourself freely and be true to your genuine self. You will find that you are creating all that you need in all levels of your life, and will fulfill your vision of abundance. Use your creativity and imagination to create a magnificent home for yourself, your family, and the creatures around you.


Snake – Avoid procrastination that is a result of perfectionism; allow imperfections and get things done. Make time for your true priorities; revamp your schedule so that you can devote regular time to those special projects whose completion will bring you delight. This full moon will be a particularly active time for you. You will be divinely guided and find that you are able to release your fears. Look for messages being channeled to you through poetry, visions, or hidden imagery. You have an everlasting connection to the nonphysical world.


Horse – A kind of alchemy surrounds the Horse at this time. You will have an inspirational spark of creativity and you will find much success in your self-expression and creative flow. It’s important that you balance your career and home life to avoid burning out. Spend at least 30 minutes a day involved on activities that lift your mood and spirit. Delegate work to others and say no to unrealistic demands. Let your heart sing.

Goat – Your connection with female energy needs to be addressed at this time. Whether it be your sister, mother, wife, daughter, colleague, or friend. Address any feelings that might be holding you back and leading to imbalance. This process will open the way to healthy relationships with other women, or even your own feminine energy. You will notice some striking synchronicities taking place in your life. You must accept that all this is happening for a reason. The events that are occurring now will benefit your future.


Monkey – If there is a situation that has left you feeling upset or confused or abused, see the other person’s point of view. Taking the other view, even if you don’t agree, will allow the healing process to begin. Forgive past hurts and start anew. Fear is the enemy of truthful living. Face reality head-on and realize that not everyone sees things the same way you do. Let go of stored anger in a constructive way. It’s all about forgiveness and giving yourself the gift of acceptance.


Rooster – This is a time for making new choices. Find balance through maintaining your physical well-being as well as your spiritual stability. Living in the moment is one of the most significant universal teachings for improving the quality of your life. Trust your own instinct. Get in touch with your passions - perhaps you could utilize the color red. Reestablish your internal balance. By centering yourself you will find the equilibrium you need to walk your life in harmony. It’s worth the effort.


Dog – Breath work will be very productive for you this month. By paying attention to your breathing, you will encourage and renew your body, mind, and spirit. It’s time to allow your true feelings to be known. Reveal your inner self to others have a heart-to-heart discussion with a loved one. Let them know where you are really coming from. Your relationships will deepen and you’ll be loved for who you really are. Authenticity is the key to attaining a higher level of energy and success in your projects.


Pig – It seems to be a re-occurring theme for you that you need to express yourself creatively. You have hidden talents which are remaining dormant. If these stay trapped inside of you, you will feel tired, restless, anxious, and uncomfortable. All this misdirected energy may lead to unhealthy addictions. Even if your craft is unpolished, take the time to draw, paint, write, play music, or whatever floats your boat; it’s all good, and it’s your expression that is the vital thing. This is an excellent time to take a class and learn a new skill. No matter what your occupation you must embrace the creative spirit inside you in order to flourish.