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Monthly Horoscope: Snake in the Year of the Fire Rooster



We are now entering a new lunar cycle: the month of the Snake, while the animal that governs this year is the Rooster. The harmonic relationship in play between the Rooster and the Snake provide opportunities for career growth. Business projects will be more orderly and prosperous as people are looking both to give and receive promotions.


Because Roosters can be emotional, we may over-think our problems in personal relationships which can bring us stress. To promote good health and to offset a negative star’s detrimental effects, do some exercise, go out in nature, sing karaoke and go to many positive events like weddings, upbeat concerts and celebrations. Don’t get too picky; watch your critical tone and we will all have an excellent month ahead.


“Listen to your inner genius. Those who do often end up changing the world.” -Anonymous


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RAT: Reinforce your belief in the universe and find ties between animals, people and other living things this month. Acknowledge universal love as a basis of bonding with others. Spiritually, you may experience accelerated growth. Believe yourself worthy and effective in positive action. Deepen your capacity to love both others and yourself: transform your old ways of thinking to emerge kinder. Accomplish this and you will experience wealth in body, mind and spirit.


OX: Just like your best friend the Rat, this month is all about trust. Believe in your abilities to love others and yourself as you work to emerge a kinder human being in connection with the universe and all other living things. Go out in nature to find rejuvenation; connect with flowers, plants, trees, animals—those which take your mind off your daily routine and deepen your spiritual appreciation. Having done this, you will experience a kind of completion in your life. Address unfinished business and be open minded for a new beginning.


TIGER: There is a spiritual encounter ready to emerge in your life. Divine guidance will send you a direct response to your prayers, meditations or invocations. You will hear your teachers more clearly and your spiritual guides will lead you through an important event or situation. Expect miracles and awakening with a manifestation of your prayers or wishes. Come alive and feel again; ask yourself what you are afraid to heal and what behaviors are holding you back. Drop your shields and listen to the message coming toward you.


RABBIT: Rabbits are very sensitive: this month, hone your sensitivity and listen for any message which may come through you whether you are praying, meditating or dreaming. Every word, thought or deed is woven into the web of creation. Know that you are not alone in your intentions or endeavors. A miraculous synchronicity will occur; great potential grows into reality with care and patience. Trust and stay attentive toward patterns you see. Your journey is strung together in a network with that of those around you.


DRAGON: Whatever fears or insecurities lie within you, know that your spiritual guides and ancestors are working with you to bring greater alliance. This can bring you the capacity to allow all living things to grow to their fullest expression. Be open, non-judgmental, accept others for their differences and act with kindness and forgiveness. Be courageous and hopeful. This expression of love will benefit all of humanity. Trust that you are making the right choices in life and begin each morning with the question, what needs the most attention in your life right now?


SNAKE: Use your compassionate heart freely. Remove constraints and limiting beliefs you may have placed on the power of love to change, help and heal others. You have the opportunity to become a spiritual leader; living in grace allows you to teach others through example of your own life. You will be able to recognize opportunities for self-stabilization and balance and to bring positive energy to your community. Show courage: by facing your inner demons you will be fortified to face any outer demons. You will be emblazoned with passion, willpower and strength.


HORSE: This month, it’s as if you are drawing a spiritual wild card of divine guidance. It will bring you a direct response to your affirmations, prayers and meditations. You will be alerted to a certain situation or event that will appear to be a breakthrough. This is a very positive time: listen. Pay attention. Expect a sudden change or shift in circumstances. You may experience a series of “a-ha” moments—a paradigm shift. Don’t resist the change: see what kind of illumination it will bring.


GOAT: By accepting who you are, you will discover your life’s mission. You are being encouraged to give your life work a more specific form, which will in turn draw new opportunities and people toward you. The full potential to recognize your heart’s desires is present: the opportunities to find the right people, jobs or financial backing is all possible. When you wake up, remember to smile. When you feel frustrated, angry or upset, accept that which is inevitable and take a breath to calm yourself.


MONKEY: Partnership and romance loom on the horizon for you this month. There will be a coming together of alliances between either friends, family, or business: no matter where it manifests, partnership will benefit your circumstances. Be mindful of any addictive tendencies in making commitments. Be mindful of red flags, but all in all this month bodes very well for the Monkey in the deepening of relationships or finding someone special.


ROOSTER: This month is an excellent time to find value in spending quality time with others. It is important for you to interact with those around you. If you feel as though you’ve been on the sidelines, now is the time for you to get in there and help. Be willing to take action. Perception is different than intuition because it arises from your spirit rather than your intellect. Be mindful of your perception: by analyzing it you can understand the ways in which it is important.


DOG: The work which you are doing or dreaming of will be validated. Relax in the knowledge that you are on the right path. It is an excellent time to read a transcendental book. Release all mental stress at times of discouragement: focusing on a beautiful image may help you to let go of struggles. Write statements of affirmation. Whenever your guidance is genuine, it will lead you to love, compassion and self-understanding. Embrace your inner child and let that spirit fill you with the wonderment of life.


PIG: Fear is the only enemy of living truthfully. It can rob you of clarity and peace of mind. Do not fear the truth; rather, allow it to lead you to validation of your spirit. Take your life seriously and appreciate your time here. Relax, breathe and accept that all is well. Communication is key this month. Saying affirming, positive words will carry a very positive energy which will resonate out to the universe. You will have powerful allies who will help to elevate you above a situation for clarification.