Mystical Cures

One of the best descriptions of effectively adjusting Feng Shui in an environment is keeping this principle in mind: Feng Shui is like a river. A river is rarely straight and its edges are usually softened. If the water is rushing too fast we need to slow it down. If it's too slow or stopped up, we need to unblock it and improve the flow. If it's too chaotic, we need to bring it to realignment. One of the simplest ways to help yourself do this is to obtain and place Mystical Cures in your environment.


Mystical Cures are also known as transcendental solutions or secret cures and are regarded as time honored ritual items for blessing, clearing and protection. Mystical cures enhance the effect of ordinary cures, which can also be called mundane solutions. Mundane solutions are logical and easy to understand. Mystical cures go beyond the realm of understanding.
This is the most powerful use of Feng Shui, creating a relationship between the outer and inner self and strengthening both the Yin and Yang, the connection between tangible and intangible and the visible and invisible, to combine the mundane and the transcendental aspects of life.
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