+ Convex - 3 3/4 inch
+ Bagua Decal Sticker
+ 12 Zodiac Business Charm - Large (Wall size)
+ Feng Shui Flute
+ Golden Pi Xiu Wealth Bracelet3300
+ Red Cord Bracelet
+ Ru Yi - Piggy & Persimmon Charm
+ Strung Swarovski Crystal 50mm
+ Dancing Water Bowl - Large
+ Good Fortune Wind Chime with Crystal

Gifts, Lotus & Red Envelopes

Not quite sure what to get someone? This category has plenty of great ideas for gifts for anyone in your life!

Red Envelopes are beautifully decorated with assorted images of Chinese symbolism. Red envelopes in Chinese culture represent good tidings, and are often used for weddings, celebrations, graduations, and also for use in Feng Shui.
Capiz lotus shells adds beauty and 'ambiance' to any setting.

For those on a spiritual path a very beautiful gift for yourself or a very special person is the collection of nine greeting cards illustrating the nine Supreme Yoga meditations by Odette Larde and Katherine Metz. Regular practice of the nine mediation will help you develop the strength to help others and to provide whatever is asked of you.


Price  $ 50.00
Dragon & Phoenix Brocade Purse

Price  $ 5.98
Twelve Zodiac Wall/Desk Clock

Price  $ 26.00
Red Envelopes - Small

Price  $ 3.99

Red Envelopes - Large

Price  $ 3.99
Good Fortune Amber Nightlight

Price  $ 12.98
Piggy with Butterflies Bank

Price  $ 13.99