+ Convex - 3 3/4 inch
+ Bagua Decal Sticker
+ 12 Zodiac Business Charm - Large (Wall size)
+ Feng Shui Flute
+ Golden Pi Xiu Wealth Bracelet
+ Red Cord Bracelet
+ Ru Yi - Piggy & Persimmon Charm
+ Strung Swarovski Crystal 50mm
+ Dancing Water Bowl - Large
+ Small Wind Chime with Crystal

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Heart Sutra

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"There can be no greater use of The Heart Sutra than to practice it as meditation. Known as The Heart Sutra Meditation Method, and transmitted exclusively through the Black Sect Tantric lineage, it is the most spiritually rewarding, and it is this method we will be giving instruction in on this CD."  --H.H. Grandmaster Lin Yun Rinpoche
Produced by Marina Lighthouse, this long-awaited companion to 2000's ground-breaking Feng Shui Tune Up, is the second collaboration with --H.H. Grandmaster Lin Yun Rinpoche, Supreme leader of the Black Sect Tantric Buddhism, at its fourth stage is an uplifting blend of music and meditation designed to calm both mind and heart.

We have a handful left and then it will be out of print.

Heart Sutra
Hear Samples
Heart Sutra Recitation
Heart Sutra Meditation
Heart Sutra Commentary by Khadro
Crystal Chu Rinpoche