+ Convex - 3 3/4 inch
+ Bagua Decal Sticker
+ Feng Shui Tune Up
+ 12 Zodiac Business Charm - Large (Wall size)
+ Feng Shui Flute
+ Five Element Bracelet
+ Red Cord Bracelet
+ Strung Swarovski Crystal 50mm
+ Dancing Water Bowl - Large
+ Feng Shui Small Wind Chime

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White Robed Porcelain Kuan Yin

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White Porcelain Kuan Yin - This beautiful white porcelain Kuan Yin is a symbol of tranquility and peace.

High quality white porcelain. 12" in height.

Marina's Special Tip: "Perfect adjustment for the children's/creativity area."

White Robed Porcelain Kuan Yin