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Tsai Shen Yeh - Chinese Wealth God

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This colorful,handsome, happy Tsai Shen Yeh represents the Chinese God of Wealth. He can be seen  placed near the entrance, inviting wealth and prosperity to come through the door. He holds a ru-yi in one hand the symbol of 'everything goes as you wish' and a treasure vase brimming with bejeweled bounty.

The Wealth God also acts as a protector for the income generated within the walls of his placement whether it be building or residence.

If you are wishing to become more prosperous in a specific life area, you can place a Tsai Shen Yeh in the spot which corresponds to such an area according to the bagua map. This way, you can enhance that specific life area through the symbolism of prosperity.

Prosperity is not limited to money related matters, but to the well being in all life aspects.

The source of this statue is from a Taoist/ Buddhist shrine altar shop - so this new and is truly authentic.

Exquisitely hand painted porcelain using real gold in the ceramic glaze this item is 12" in height.


Tsai Shen Yeh  - Chinese Wealth God