Shoyeido Incense

For over 300 years in Japan, Shoyeido has produced the finest incense on the planet. Shoyeido is known and respected for its integrity. They are one of the few traditional incense manufacturers in Japan who still produce incense by hand with carefully selected natural ingredients for hightened enjoyment.


In Feng Shui there are many methods to transform the energy of an environment: sound, light, color, smell, movement, etc. Fragrance creates mood and atmosphere. Fine quality incense can be relaxing and soothing to the psyche or provide clarity and energy. Opening oneself completely to the fragrance is called "listening to incense." Whether for meditation or quiet reflection, the opportunity for enjoyment awaits those ready to explore the world of scent. I am very pleased to offer this new line of elegant incense from Japan.


Marina's Tip: Recently a dear friend visited me from Japan and brought a gift of incense from Kyoto. I loved it! Kyoto is known as the 'city of temples' so it is was no surprise that they have the most refined incense in the world.

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